Mindfulness coaching tailored to your needs & lifestyle

With the help of highly effective mindfulness practices and coaching techniques, Daria will help navigate you on your journey and offer simple yet powerful “maps” to unearth insights, tap into your innate wisdom and strengths, uncover your connection to all things, and make peace with life through nature.

Daria will be your guide to help you to explore life as it is, reconnect with nature, and propel you into a life centered around the present. She’ll help you develop and deepen your spiritual practice, bringing mindfulness into everyday life, cultivating & nurturing the beauty of who you are, and exploring the profound simplicity of life.

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Daria, thanks for being you! Your strength and belief in me, helped me through this journey of 2018. I'm ready to move into 2019 with what I've learned and learned and learned.

Stacey Bjornson
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Daria uses a methodology that’s based around the idea that you already have what you need to improve your wellbeing, helping you find your strength, confidence, and worth.

Each session begins with a guided meditation to get you grounded in the present moment and drop into your body. You’ll bring questions you have or topics you’d like to explore to each session for discussion. We’ll work together to ensure that you fully embody the mindfulness techniques that will allow you to make meaningful changes to your life.

At the end of each session, we will agree on the steps best suited for you and what you should practice before your next session.

We encourage you to develop and/or deepen a daily practice and commit to at least 15 minutes of quiet time in the morning to ground and listen to the body.

Your individual practice between our sessions is more important than the sessions themselves. The practice and direct experiences are what will allow you to reconnect with your wisdom and source of wellbeing.

This private coaching is 100% personalized, so wherever you are on your journey in life, we will meet you there.


You’ll meet with Daria virtually via WhatsApp, Zoom (or Skype, or FaceTime) twice a month for 3 or 6 months.

The investment is R1000 a month, which includes 2 x 60-minute sessions and support via WhatsApp or email as needed in between sessions.

Daria only takes 5 clients at a time, so you can be sure that your program will be highly individualized to your needs.

Thank you for your interest in the private mindfulness coaching & mentorship program with Daria. 

We’ll get back to you to schedule the introductory phone call with Daria to see if you two are a good fit.